Madonna has teamed up with mobile phone giants M-QUBE to give her American fans the opportunity to download ring tones from her official website - and they won't need a credit card.

The technology-embracing MATERIAL GIRL's latest move to remain on the crest of the latest internet innovations is the first artist-driven online store of its kind, according to m-Qube.

Madonna fans can receive the polyphonic tunes by accessing her website and entering their mobile numbers and handset type.

Her manager CARESSE HENRY says, "Madonna sees the future of the music business tied intimately to the wireless space and doing this deal is the first step of many to utilise the robust capabilities of mobile phones."

M-Qube's Andrew Miller adds, "It's Madonna's music, so the store is going to be her way, on her terms. This is not through the label. This is working directly through the artist. When fans think of Madonna, they will think of the music and her Web site, not their phone company."

24/08/2004 17:14