Madonna is still struggling to sell tickets for her remaining London RE-INVENTION concert dates next week (23-25AUG04) - because high prices and the singer's strong religious views are alienating her followers.

Fans of the MATERIAL GIRL are refusing to pay up to $270 (GBP150) a ticket for the pop veteran's extravagant live shows, leaving many seats at the British capital's Wembley Arena vacant.

Concert-goers are also refusing to watch Madonna in action in the fear she'll spend large parts of the gig urging them to embrace the teachings of the Kabbalah - a mystical offshoot of Judaism - according to Britain's DAILY MIRROR newspaper.

Tickets are now being advertised on popular online auction EBAY for as little as $135 (GBP75) - less than half their original value - in a desperate bid to shift them.

A concert insider says, "People are put off by the inflated prices - they just see it as a Kabbalah recruitment ground."

22/08/2004 14:20