Superstar Madonna was given a pair of expensive "sorry shoes" from her apologetic husband Guy Ritchie after the pair had a huge argument.

The FROZEN singer has a fiery relationship with her director husband of nearly four years and during their last row, she was so angry, she flew from London to New York.

Madonna says, "We used to fight a hell of a lot. Not so much now.

"One time recently though we had a very big fight and I went back to New York. Then he sent me a pair of JIMMY CHOO shoes. They were really sexy sandals in lavender."

The MATERIAL GIRL blames Ritchie for prolonging the argument, saying had he simply said sorry before going to bed, she never would have taken the drastic action to fly to America.

She explains, "It's important to say sorry. It takes the wind out of people's sails as they really don't expect it. It really un-nerves people.

"To say, 'I'm sorry,' is almost like saying 'I love you'. That's the best way to stop an argument or even to prevent them.

"I can't stand it when the guy goes to sleep on a quarrel. My husband always goes to sleep after a fight - it's infuriating.

"It's important that you come to the other person before you go to sleep and say, 'You know what, you're right, I'm sorry I made a mistake.' It's a lot of cheaper that way and you don't have to buy the shoes."

23/11/2004 14:04