Pop star Madonna hid her steamy onstage kisses with Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears from her daughter LOURDES - despite the seven-year-old being onstage just moments before.

Madonna grabbed headlines with the controversial lip-locks at August's (03) MTV Video Music Awards, but little Lourdes was taken away immediately after appearing as a flower girl at the performance.

Madonna explains, "As soon as she got off stage, she was whisked away in a car and went home. "So, she doesn't know anything."

The OPEN YOUR HEART megastar - currently promoting the release of her second children's book MR PEABODY'S APPLES - also defended the controversial kisses, which grabbed the headlines all over the world.

She adds, "(They were) ironic, because I was playing the groom and I had two brides, so we were operating at many levels.

"It was like a passing on of the baton, so to speak."

12/11/2003 17:36