Superstar Madonna is working on a sequel to her first kid's book THE ENGLISH ROSES - quashing reports her latest story LOTSA DE CASHA would be her last outing as a children's writer.

The MATERIAL GIRL launched herself onto the literary scene with The English Roses in September 2003, and plans to revisit the book's characters in a follow-up story in September 2006.

Madonna says she decided to return to the story because her daughter LOURDES loves it so much.

She explains, "When I first started out (writing the books), I knew what the first book would be about, jealousy and envy, which I did in The English Roses.

"Girls can be especially hard on other girls.

"The ideas for all the books ultimately came from my own life experiences. This one was my realisation that material things don't buy you happiness.

"If you don't have great success, how could you come to this conclusion? I had to go through this, and there were times in my life where I was perceived to have everything, yet I didn't feel fulfilled."

Madonna's royalties from the books go to the SPIRITUALITY FOR KIDS FOUNDATION, an educational arm of the Los Angeles Kabbalah Center.

19/06/2005 10:41