Superstar Madonna has won a legal battle to stop walkers going near her Wiltshire, Britain, mansion.

The MATERIAL GIRL and her film director husband Guy Ritchie were concerned that, if the land near their stately property was classified as open countryside under the country's Right to Roam legislation, ramblers would be able to peer directly into ASHCOMBE HOUSE.

The multi-millionairess had said she wanted to protect her family's privacy, and was concerned open access would allow anyone to approach her front door.

A spokesperson for ruling body the COUNTRYSIDE AGENCY says, "We went to a public consultation process over a three-month period after using the data available - marked on maps - to see where we thought the land matched the legislative requirements.

"There was no court battle in this instance, we just accepted their arguments about the proximity to a public dwelling."

01/07/2003 14:14