Birthday girl Madonna was a born performer who entertained and titillated schoolpals with saucy song and dance shows, according to her former teacher.
Karen Craven was the Material Girl's cheerleading coach at Adams High School in Rochester, Michigan.
And, as the superstar celebrates her half century, Craven still recalls the cheeky teenager's exhibitionist antics.
She says, "We were building up a pyramid. The girls had to run up, jump on the trampoline, vault and then flip onto the top of the pyramid.
"When Madonna did her little flip and got up there, it turned out she had nude tights on, and it looked like she wasn't wearing anything under her skirt. I was shocked at first, and the basketball coach was really upset."
And Craven felt sure Madonna would go far - because she never stopped entertaining teachers and fellow pupils alike: "She used to come into our office before class. We'd put on the music and make her dance and entertain us, as well as everyone else in the locker room."
And it wasn't just on the stage that Madonna excelled: "Madonna was a determined grade-A student. I don't want to say she was a nerdy kid, but she was more along that sort of line than a trouble-maker."