Queen of pop Madonna has left pal Stella Mccartney fuming after reneging on her promise to quit blood sports.

The MATERIAL GIRL got on the wrong side of the animal rights conscious fashion designer when she and husband Guy Ritchie began holding shooting parties on their estate in Wiltshire, south England.

After discovering the hobby conflicted with her strict Kabbalah beliefs as well as McCartney, Madonna promised to shoot no more - but a leading gun expert has revealed the singer is still a keen marksman.

At the London launch party for his new book SILK AND STEEL, ROBERT WILSON let slip, "She's so keen on shooting that she received the first copy hot off the press. Madonna is very enthusiastic and a good shot.

"She has a hearty appetite for traditional English bloodsports, especially pheasant shooting. Her husband is a deadly shot, so she has a good teacher."

29/10/2003 14:06