Madonna's aides have been urged to make sure the pop superstar observes concert curfews at her London gig on Tuesday (17Jul12) after the plug was pulled on Bruce Springsteen and Sir Paul McCartney at the same venue at the weekend.
MCCartney joined The Boss onstage for his Hyde Park Calling show on Saturday night (14Jul12) and fans were left stunned and angry when concert bosses ended the set prematurely, because the two megastars ran over the venue's curfew time.
And to make sure Madonna doesn't suffer the same fate on Tuesday, promoters at Live Nation have had meetings with the Material Girl's managers to make sure she's aware of the rules.
Speaking before the gig, Live Nation's chief operating officer John Probyn said, "It won't happen again. We've had lengthy conversations with Madonna's people. They contacted us. We've worked out with them what time she needs to go on stage to finish on time. That's all in hand."
And, revisiting the weekend controversy, he added, "We are effectively breaking the law if we carry on (past the curfew). There's not a lot we can do."