Madonna has vowed never to act again - because she would prefer to establish herself in Hollywood as a filmmaker.
The star has repeatedly tried her hand at acting since launching her singing career in the 1980s, playing lead roles in films such as Desperately Seeking Susan, DICk Tracy and Evita, for which she won a Best Actress Golden Globe in 1997.
But since directing the upcoming comedy Filth and Drama, the 49-year-old insists she has found her calling.
When asked if she still dreams of an acting career, she responds: "Absolutely not, because now I've tasted directing. It's like Eve and the apple, I have to have a second bite. If you're an actress, it's not your vision.
"The director tells the story, you are the chess piece that is moved around. That doesn't suit my personality."
And the Holiday hitmaker is so fond of filmmaking, she insists she even prefers it to making music: "You have more time to tell a story. You have an hour and half or two to save the world."