Superstar Madonna and director husband Guy Ritchie are reportedly planning to adopt twins from an African orphanage. The couple are set to fly to poverty-stricken Malawi, south east Africa, to meet the president BINGU WA MUTHARIKA and finalise legal details with adoption lawyers. The pair already have two children - a son together, six-year-old ROCCO and Madonna has daughter, 10-year-old LOURDES from a previous relationship. An insider tells British newspaper The People, "Originally Madonna and Guy planned to adopt only one child. "But when they were told that might mean breaking up a family unit they immediately said they would take siblings or twins if that was the right thing to do. "They want the children to be as young as possible but are prepared to take kids up to the age of four. "And they are also willing to consider a child with special needs arising from being abandoned in an orphanage."