Madonna is thrilled with the response her rendition of John Lennon's IMAGINE is getting on her RE-INVENTION tour because she wants people to remember that children are caught up in world wars.

The peace-loving pop superstar stunned her fans when she performed the peace anthem on the opening night of her tour in Los Angeles on Monday night (24MAY04), while images of suffering children appeared on a huge screen behind her.

She says, "I wanted to make a statement. I feel that song is the ultimate peace song. I wish I wrote it, but it's the s**t and I wanted to do it, so I tried to do it my best, give it my best.

"It was really important to have this stuff going on behind me - the pictures and stuff - and really hit home that it's children involved in all this chaos and destruction. I don't think people remember that all the time."

26/05/2004 02:37