Madonna took part in a tequila shot challenge during a breakfast Tv appearance in Australia this week (beg26Jan15).

The pop star spiced up an interview on Australia's Today Show by challenging reporter Richard Wilkins to drink the potent liquor every time he asked a question she considered "stupid", while she agreed to take a shot for every good question.

Madonna told Wilkins, "This is not going to be your average interview - we are going to play a drinking game... So if you ask me a stupid question, and I'm going to be the judge of that, you're going to drink a shot of tequila. If you ask me an amazing question, that sets my world on fire, I am going to drink a shot of tequila..."

Wilkins accepted a shot from Madonna after asking her about "reinvention", but the Holiday hitmaker refused his request to drink when she accidentally blurted out an expletive, saying, "No... I make up the rules of this game."

Madonna concluded of the challenge, "I'm not very drunk, but everyone who walks out of here is."