2012 could turn out to be The Year of the Lawsuit for Madonna if the last week is anything to go by. Shortly after news broke that she was being sued over the misuse of a sample in 'Vogue,' yesterday (July 15, 2012), The Guardian reported that France's Front National (FN) are planning to sue the 53 year-old singer for "public insult." The case has arisen after Madonna showed a video at her Paris concert which contains an image of the FN leader Marine Le Pen, with a swastika symbol drawn on her forehead.
According to the report, Marine Le Pen had previously warned Madonna that she would take her to court over the video. Madonna ignored the threat and the inclusion of the image "sent a ripple through the crowd" during the concert at Le Stade De France. The vice-president of Front National, Florian Philippot, claimed that Madonna was being deliberately provocative and described the movie as a "very serious insult." He added "We cannot accept everything. We cannot accept this insulting connection. Marine Le Pen is defending her honour, but also that of party members and supporters and the millions of Front National voters."
Marie Le Pen has been trying to clean up the image of the Front National and detract from its Nazi-sympathising image. She took over the role as president from her father 18 months ago and when Madonna showed the offending image at a Tel Aviv concert, said "If she tries that in France, we'll see what happens. It's understandable when ageing singers who need publicity go to such extremes."