Madonna is "extremely unsettled" by the actions of a man who broke into her home.

Polish national Grzegorz Matlok has been ordered by Southwark Crown Court in London to be detained indefinitely in a psychiatric hospital as he posed a serious risk to the 'Celebration' hitmaker after he broke into her home in the British capital in March, and she admits she was left worried by his actions.

In a statement read in court, Madonna said: "I do not know the defendant, I've not had any form of relationship with the defendant nor have I had any form of contact by phone or by email, or by any other way, with the defendant.

"In particular, I've never given the defendant permission to enter the premises or any of my other premises.

"It is extremely unsettling to know that, despite the extensive security I have, he has been able to break into two of my residential properties."

Grzegorz - who last year broke into Madonna's ex-husband Guy Ritchie's home in the English countryside and was found putting on his clothes - has also been ordered to stay 100 metres away from Madonna and her properties.

Judge Deborah Taylor told the court his release from hospital could cause "real harm" to the singer.

She said: "It is The View of the doctors' that if you fail to take medication you pose a risk to Madonna Ciccone of real harm."

He has claimed she gave him permission to stay at her property, and had travelled to London from Poland three days prior to breaking into her home by smashing a window.