Pop star Madonna's recent hospital visit has caused controversy after it was claimed she was given special treatment after falling from her horse last month (AUG05).

The 47-year-old star was celebrating her birthday when she had the accident, and suffered a broken collarbone, three cracked ribs and a fractured hand.

She was taken to Salisbury District Hospital A+E, where she was treated by National Health Service (NHS) staff and is rumoured to have been given a private room.

Local resident PHIL MATTHEWS was furious to hear that the pop queen may have been treated better than other patients, saying, "I wanted to know if Madonna had preferential treatment."

Matthews demanded a meeting with FRANK HARSENT, chief executive of Salisbury NHS Healthcare Trust which runs the hospital, and claims his questions regarding Madonna's visit were "brushed aside".

Matthews added: "I asked him (Harsent) if there were any of her minders taking up space. He denied it. My point is everyone should have the same treatment under the NHS and I was determined to see if this happened with Madonna."

The singer has previously dubbed British hospitals "too old and Victorian" and chose to return to America to give birth to son ROCCO.