Superstar Madonna is set to upset a host of catwalk queens after she bought the film rights to the fashion world expose book MODEL: THE UGLY BUSINESS OF BEAUTIFUL WOMEN.

The MATERIAL GIRL has bought the rights to the 1995 best-selling book by MICHAEL DROSS and has already begun casting for Naomi Campbell, LINDA EVANGELISTA, Cindy Crawford and Christy Turlington lookalikes.

Madonna will produce the film under her movie company Maverick Films, which has financed the CODY BANKS series.

A source says, "The screenplay has been written by DAVID BRENDEL and the film is tentatively being given a release date of next year (05).

"At the moment Madonna is looking around for beautiful women who can play some of the world's most famous supermodels, while she is obviously hoping as many of them as possible can be prevailed upon to appear in cameo roles."

When model Lauren Hutton first read the book nine years ago, she said, "I read it in the first three days and then I got very sick. It's a history, but it's also a guidebook to the pitfalls."

29/06/2004 02:56