Madonna has signed her children up to join her for horse riding lessons with a British Olympic competitor, just months after she was badly hurt falling from a horse.

The singer suffered a broken collarbone, three cracked ribs and a fractured hand during the fall at her English country estate last August (05).

But it hasn't put her off equestrian events - she's paying WILLIAM FOX-PITT to teach her, daughter LOURDES, nine, and son ROCCO, five, to ride at his club near their home in Ashcombe, Wiltshire.

Fox-Pitt says, "I was asked by Madonna for some lessons, as she is quite local.

"She wanted someone to help her after her fall and I am happy to report she is now back in full flow.

"I haven't seen the children ride yet, but they've joined my club and hopefully will come along soon. Rocco's obviously still quite small but he can ride.

"Lourdes is a rider and is very keen, like lots of girls her age.

"There was quite a fuss made over Madonna's fall, but everyone falls off. Some of her backers weren't keen on her riding again but she's a risk taker who likes to push her limits."