Madonna latest directorial effort sees her tell the story of Wallis Simpson, a character she says can identify with.
Wallis Simpson will be a historical character that most cinema goers will be familiar with as she appeared in the critically acclaimed Colin Firth movie The King's Speech. The American born socialite was at the centre of a national scandal in 1936 when she married King Edward Viii forcing him to abdicate the throne. The singer's new film premier's at the Venice Film Festival today (01.09.2011) and says the film examines the same events as The King's Speech but from a different point of view. The superstar said that she identifies with Simpson because fame reduces a celebrity to "a sound bite" according to the Associated Press. The Like a Virgin singer says she also received help from both her ex-husbands, director Guy Ritchie and actor/director Sean Penn.
Madonna, full name Madonna Ciccone, has released 11 studio albums over a career spanning almost 30 years. Born in Michigan the American first pursued a career in modern dance before releasing her self-titled debut album, Madonna, in 1983. She has since gone onto superstardom by appearing in several movies including Oliver Stone's 1996 movie Evita. In 2008 Billboard ranked her number two in the top 100 hot artists of all time, second only behind The Beatles, making her the most successful solo artist of all time in the billboard chart. She has also sold over 300 million albums worldwide.