Madonna's jewellery expresses her ''values'', according to designer Lana Bramlette.

The founder of Lana Jewelry - which has created Madonna's MAMBO nameplate necklace - has revealed that its pieces are intended to make people ''feel good about themselves and that express their values''.

Of the personalised jewellery item - which refers to Madonna's children, Estere and Stella, 5, Mercy James, 11, and David Banda, 12 - Lana said: ''My publicist coordinated with [Madonna's] stylist, Eyob Yohannes, to design the piece.

''I think she is excited to wear something meaningful, and I love watching her proudly rock it every day on social media.''

Lana also explained the specific ambition that she has for her jewellery.

She told PEOPLE: ''I want to give my clients pieces to wear that make them feel good about themselves and that express their values. She also wears my diamond Crossary necklace daily.

''I tell my clients, 'If Madonna wears her necklace around the world and back daily without damaging it, you don't have an excuse for a repair.'''

Meanwhile, Madonna's stylist Arianne Phillips previously explained how the singer made the transition into becoming a fashion icon.

The 59-year-old star is now considered to be a big style influencer and Arianne revealed the keys to her success.

She said: ''Mostly what Madonna [wears] is an evolution of what is relevant at the time.

''The visuals reflect the music in a kind of seamless marriage of her point of view.''