LATEST: Pop superstar Madonna has denied she behaved like a diva while filming flop romantic comedy The Next Best Thing with director JOHN SCHLESINGER.

The PAPA DON'T PREACH singer, who is married to British film-maker GUY RITCHIE, was the subject of a number of angry notes from the legendary director - which were recently bequeathed to the UK's BRITISH FILM INSTITUTE.

In the notes, Schlesinger - who died last year (03) - accused the film's producer Tom Rosenberg for being overly-concerned about Madonna's needs, slammed the star for trying to offer him directing tips and said he was infuriated by her list of demands.

But Madonna's spokeswoman has denied she behaved badly on the set, saying, "People say many, many things about Madonna but no-one has ever questioned her level of professional behaviour.

"I know Madonna had great respect for John Schlesinger as a director. I believe he had control over this film and Madonna behaved as a salaried actress."

12/07/2004 01:48