Queen of pop Madonna will dispel myths about her "eccentric lifestyle" in a new feature-length documentary which will debut at the 2005 CANNES FILM FESTIVAL.

The film, described as a sequel to 1991's TRUTH OR DARE, will chronicle the MUSIC singer's current REINVENTION TOUR and explains her controversial devotion to KABBALAH - a mystical offshoot of Judaism.

Director Jonas Akerlund, who has worked on the star's American Life and RAY OF LIGHT videos, tells MTV that after each night's concert, he heads back to his hotel room to start editing, because the amount of footage he's collected so far is massive.

His crew admits that the hardest part is keeping up with the 45-year-old superstar, who seems to have endless amounts of energy to dance, do yoga and run.

23/06/2004 09:29