Madonna has been served with a noise abatement notice for a karaoke party at her London home.

The 'Celebration' singer faces a fine of up to £5,000 after her staff threw a loud party in the exclusive Marylebone area of the UK capital, while Madonna was away.

The 51-year-old pop superstar is reportedly "furious" about being given the official warning, which came about after angry neighbours complained to Westminster Council, and has been threatened with the huge fine should it happen again.

A friend of the singer said: "Madonna likes a good party like anyone else but she is respectful of her neighbours and doesn't like to upset anyone. She was absolutely furious when she found out."

After the complaints were lodged, officers turned up shortly after 2pm on the Sunday afternoon, spoke to partygoers through the intercom and asked them to reduce the noise.

They were refused entry to the building and were told Madonna, 51, was away.

A spokesperson for the council said: "In order to deal with the matter, a notice was served by posting it through the box at the premises. The notice was addressed to the owner or occupier at the address ordering that the noise be stopped - which it was. Any further offence could see Madonna landed with a £5,000 fine."

Madonna uses the lavish £7 million property as a family home and often stays there with her children, daughter Lourdes, 13, son Rocco, nine, and adopted kids Mercy, five, and David, four.