Madonna has publicly praised her biological children LOURDES and ROCCO for welcoming their adopted brother DAVID into the family home in London The pop star appeared on yesterday's (25OCT06) OPRAH show in America to "set the record straight" about her recent Malawian adoption, and she took time out to heap praise on her kids She told show host Oprah Winfrey, "What's really surprised me is how great my children are with him and how he's transitioned so easily to being in our house We're all thrilled to have him "As soon as David arrived they (Rocco and Lourdes) just embraced him and that's the amazing thing about children; they don't ask questions "They've never once said, 'What is he doing here?' or mentioned the difference in his skin colour or questioned his presence in our life, and that is an amazing lesson that children do teach us " Madonna showed off new family photos, featuring the 13-month-old Malawian orphan, on the show, and explained the African tot is still not fully recovered from a bout of pneumonia that almost killed him She added, "He has tested negative for everything - tuberculosis, malaria, HIV "He was, when I met him, extremely ill - he had severe pneumonia and he could hardly breathe and I was in a state of panic because I didn't want to leave him in the orphanage because I knew they didn't have medication to take care of him "We got permission to take him to the hospital to have a bronchial dilator put on him so it would open up his tubes so he could breathe, and he did a chest X-ray and the doctor found that he had pneumonia and he was given an injection of anti-biotics and then a course of anti-biotics which he took the entire time we were there "He's still a little bit ill He's not completely free of his pneumonia "