Madonna has been invited to celebrate her 50th birthday with a party at the New York restaurant where she landed her big break.
The Material Girl, who celebrates her landmark birthday on Saturday (16Aug08), got the attention of record executives during her 1979 stint as a coat check girl at the legendary Russian Tea Room, which was founded by members of the Russian Imperial Ballet in 1927.
As a struggling 20 year old, the star proved she was determined to rise to the top, cunningly sticking demo tapes in the pockets of the Tea Room's caviar and champagne-indulging guests, including Michael Douglas, Woody Allen and Mikhail Baryshnikov.
Almost 30 years on, she is being welcomed back by bosses at the midtown Manhattan venue - who want to play host to Madonna and her family.
Russian Tea Room Vice-President Ken Biberaj tells WENN: "The Russian Tea Room has played host to many famous faces throughout it's 81 years. We salute Madonna on her 50th birthday and hope our former coat checker will come back and let us hang up her coat this time."
The restaurant's Chef de Cuisine, Petrous Moldovan adds: "Madonna is not just an extraordinary woman to us, she used to be part of the Russian Tea Room family.
"Madonna has truly made an impact on the Russian Tea Room's long history (with) her success. It would be a great honour and pleasure to create something special for her - after all, she is family."