Madonna is adamant her new campaign against intolerance is her greatest achievement since raising her children.

The Material Girl is focusing her attentions on the Art For Freedom initiative, which urges fans around the world to use "video, music, poetry, and photography" in a fight back against prejudice.

She launched the campaign in New York last week (ends29Sep13) with the screening of a promotional film, directed by Steven Klein, which was paid for out of their own pockets, and Madonna insists her drive for freedom of expression is her most important job since becoming a mother.

In an interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper, she says, "Obviously, I feel a great sense of responsibility being a good parent and raising my children. I don't take that job very lightly. Who they are, what they become and what they contribute to the world is very important to me. No slacking in that area, thank god, but the same goes with this film. I've put in I don't know how many man hours, I've poured my own money into it. Steven Klein has done the same.

"We've done it for no financial gain, (and) also not to promote any product in particular. The only reason we're doing this is because we want to shed light on subjects that need to have light shed on (them). I do see that the world that we live in is collapsing to a certain extent, and civilization as we know it is caving in on itself."