Madonna has laughed off reports suggesting Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie advised her to adopt an African baby, insisting she has never even met the actress Reports have suggested Pitt and Jolie urged the singer not to proceed with alleged plans to adopt a Los Angeles orphan and instead turn her attentions to the kids in Africa, where the actress found her second child, ZAHARA Madonna insists that though her husband, film-maker Guy Ritchie, and Pitt are friends, she has never met Jolie - and they've never spoken about adoption She says, "I've never had any discussions with Brad or Angelina about adoption I've never actually met Angelina Jolie "My husband is good friends with Brad because they've worked together, and we had dinner with Brad after Angelina had adopted her baby from Ethiopia but we never had a discussion about it "I never sought their advice and I never considered adopting a child from Los Angeles, nor did I discuss with anyone but my husband and our social worker, who did the home study, exactly where it is we would like to adopt the child from " Appearing on yesterday's (25OCT06) OPRAH show in America, Madonna revealed it was a meeting with Live Aid and Live 8 organiser SIR Bob Geldof that prompted her to think about adopting a child from Africa She explains, "That (performance at Live 8) kind of made me turn my focus to Africa in a more specific way and educate myself about the statistics about what's going on all over Africa " Madonna and her husband recently rescued Malawian baby DAVID BANDA from an orphanage They are involved in an interim programme to officially adopt the boy