Pop superstar Madonna is thrilled funnyman Ricky Gervais has accepted her plea for a cameo role in his new British TV show EXTRAS.

THE OFFICE star Gervais met the MATERIAL GIRL backstage at Saturday's (02JUL05) London Live 8 concert, and begged him to give her a part in his eagerly-awaited sitcom - which already boasts the talents of Hollywood A-listers including SAMUEL L JACKSON, Ben Stiller and Kate Winslet.

She says, "I bumped into Ricky earlier on and he asked, 'Who are you?' I said I'd sweep the floor for him if he would employ me."

Gervais adds, "I know it's a charity event but you've got to take advantage of opportunities. Madonna asked me for a part, we shook hands and I said, 'You do know that's a verbal contract.'"

07/07/2005 03:00