Madonna reportedly flew back to Africa with her adopted son DAVID to meet with the boy's biological father last night (11APR07), according to US news reports. The pop star hopes to spend a few days with Yohane Banda in Malawi and open discussions concerning her plans to adopt another child, according to American publication Life + Style. An insider tells the magazine, "She wants David to have a relationship with his biological father. "She's going under the guise of a vacation, but she's not on vacation - she's on a mission." Madonna, who also runs a foundation for abandoned children in Malawi, was harshly criticised when she adopted Banda last October (06); critics accused her of using her wealth and fame to fast-track the adoption process. The source tells Life + Style that Madonna hopes her trip back to Malawi will help show her critics that the adoption was "an unselfish act of love." The insider adds, "She plans on having David's father be part of the extended family. She wants to show that her adoption was not what it was portrayed as in the media." Madonna's publicist, Liz Rosenberg, has confirmed the trip, stating, "She's going to continue her work with the Raising Malawi Orphan Care Initiative, including the building of a children's care centre."