LATEST: Pop superstar Madonna was in a severe state of shock when she arrived at her local English hospital after suffering a shock horse riding accident yesterday afternoon (16AUG05).

The LIKE A VIRGIN singer was celebrating her 47th birthday with a canter around her English country estate when she fell from her mount and broke her hand, collar bone and cracked three ribs.

Madonna was rushed to Salisbury District Hospital where staff were shocked to see her in such severe pain, she was visibly shaken.

A hospital source says, "Madonna's voice was shaking when she gave her name. She was wearing her riding gear and trembling.

"She was obviously in a lot of pain, but she was lucid. GUY (RITCHIE) arrived about ten minutes later looking very worried."

Madonna was immediately given a private room where she was treated by a fracture specialist.

The latest reports suggest Madonna's children ROCCO, five, and LOURDES, ten, did not witness the accident.