Celebrity photographer LORENZO AGIUS has captured Madonna at her most literary for the new issue of US style magazine Ladies' Home Journal.

The pop superstar-turned-children's writer appears in a series of library-set scenes for Agius' lens, even sporting a bowler hat and kissing a mouse in one photo.

In one photo, Madonna sports a monocle and appears as a studious librarian in another.

In the accompanying article, the MATERIAL GIRL serves tea at her London home and chats about life in Britain and how she keeps her marriage to movie-maker Guy Ritchie alive by sending him flowers and taking long walks with him.

She also feels that she and Ritchie met at the perfect time because both were searching for a religion that made sense.

Madonna explains, "I studied Hinduism, I was searching for all these things right before I got pregnant, the desire to try to understand became even more apparent.

"When I met my husband, he was searching, too, but he was searching from an intellectual point of view, he was reading theories of evolution and the Big Bang, physics and science of how did the world really get created.

"We met each other at the perfect time - he grew up, like me."

27/06/2005 09:30