Pop superstar Madonna allegedly compiled a dossier of "unreasonable behaviour" by her husband Guy Ritchie - but decided to drop it from their divorce case after overhearing a tearful phone conversation between the filmmaker and her daughter LOURDES.
The couple's split was made official on Friday (21Nov08), when they agreed to share custody of son Rocco, eight, and adopted David, three.
In the divorce petition, Madonna cited the director's "unreasonable behaviour" as cause for the seven-and-a-half year marriage break-up.
And now a report claims the Material Girl had a file accusing the Snatch director of sexist behaviour and boozy nights out.
Britain's News of the World newspaper claims Madonna ordered their staff to keep track of his movements and record it in a logbook, which she planned to present to the court in their battle over custody of the kids.
A source says, "Madonna was angry because she felt Guy had welshed (reneged) on the deal that they would keep the happily married image going until the end of her current tour. So she became determined to paint him as a drunken, lewd sexist.
"She got staff to keep a record of every time he was out late or made an off-colour comment. It was bizarre as he's not a heavy drinker or abusive... But she was trying to show he'd be a bad influence on the kids, which is rubbish. Guy's a devoted dad and the kids adore him."
But Madonna reportedly relented after hearing how upset 12 year old Lourdes, her daughter from a previous relationship, was during a phone call to Ritchie.
And, after discussing custody terms with her estranged husband, the couple agreed to share equal time with all three kids.
The insider adds, "It came after Lourdes had spoken to Guy on the phone. They were both in tears and told each other they loved and missed each other so much. No mother could fail to be moved by that."
The children will now split their time between Madonna's U.S. homes and Ritchie's London residence.