Madonna was furious when her relationship advice was ignored on a TV show.

The twice-divorced singer - who is currently dating Brazilian model Jesus Luz - was one of the celebrity panellists on new show 'The Marriage Ref' and was livid when the show's mediator, comedian Tom Papa, sided with the suggestions of another guest.

The show features a series of relationship problems, with the celebrities asked to give their opinions before Tom - who is 'The Ref' - makes the final choice on the advice they should follow and despite both the '4 Minutes' hitmaker and comic Ricky Gervais agreeing on one dilemma, Tom opted to put forward the suggestions given by 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' star Larry David.

Madonna said: "This is a recipe for disaster. It's two against two!"

She was backed up by Ricky, who added: "What are we here for? It was two to one! Why does he get the final vote?"

At the end of the programme - which has been panned by critics - all of the celebrities seemed bemused by the experience.

Larry said: "This is easily the most uncomfortable hour I've ever spent in my life."

Madonna sniped back: "Why? Because you're sitting next to a woman who is standing up to you?"

The show, which revolves around real life couples who are embroiled in an on-going fight, was given a half hour preview to American audiences on Sunday (28.02.10), but will officially premiere this Thursday (04.03.10).

Other celebrities to guest star as panellists on the show in future episodes include the actress Eva Longoria and actors Alec Baldwin and Matthew Broderick.