Madonna thinks ''everyone'' has seen her naked butt.

The 56-year-old singer flashed her derriere to the cameras on the red carpet at the Grammy Awards on Sunday (08.02.15) but insists it wasn't a deliberate move to be provocative, but an ''inspired wardrobe malfunction''.

She said: ''I had an inspired wardrobe malfunction moment.

''As I was walking away, I wasn't mooning - I just lifted my dress up. Mooning is like naked butt.

''Everyone's seen my naked butt already. Not for a while, not since the '90s.''

The 'Like a Virgin' hitmaker - who donned a Givenchy leather bodice, gloves and thigh-high boots for the ceremony - insisted she was just ''having fun'' and making the most of the current ''age of ass''.

She told KIIS-FM radio host Ryan Seacrest: ''It's the age of ass, isn't it? It was me having fun and being cheeky, no pun intended.''

During the awards show, Madonna gave a raunchy performance of 'Living For Love' and though it seemed to run smoothly, she admitted an essential part of the choreography was forgotten.

She explained: ''The one thing everyone forgot to do,was tell me when I could sit up [in the harness]. So, I'm laying back there, like forever in this super extreme back bend, hanging over the audience.

''I was like 'Can I sit up now? Is the camera off of me? No one said, 'M you can sit up now' in my ears. It was the one moment everyone overlooked. Eventually, I sat up and was like 'Screw this, my back is killing me.' ''