Madonna choked back tears when she paid tribute to her mother at the New York premiere of her film 'W.E.'

The 53-year-old star was introducing the movie - her directorial debut - at the Cinema Society screening of the film at New York's Ziegfeld Theatre on Monday night (23.01.12) when she became emotional while talking about her late mother Madonna Louise, who died from breast cancer when she was just 30.

She told the audience: "I would like to thank my mother. Because, really, this story is the story of a female's, the Journey of a female, soul. And my mother gave me life."

Beforehand, the singer warned guests she could cry because she was tired from promoting the film - which is a two-tiered story about the relationship between British monarch King Edward VIII and American divorcee Wallis Simpson, and a modern day New Yorker named Wally - and rehearsing for her upcoming Super Bowl half-time performance.

Madonna - who earlier this month won a Golden Globe for Best Song for 'Masterpiece' which is from 'W.E.' - said: "Anybody that knows me knows that when I'm tired, I cry. If I cry, please, just don't hold it Against Me. I'm really not a sentimental kind of a person."

Although she is feeling the strain of "working her a*s off" for the Super Bowl game - which takes place on Sunday, February 5 - pop megastar has promised a great set made up of "oldies but goodies" and her new single 'Give Me All Your Love'.