Oh no, Madonna and Lady GaGa could be locking horns again. Or they could not. You see, it's really hard to tell from both camps what their respective views on each other are. Madonna no doubt feels that Gaga has stolen to some extent some of the aesthetic ideas that she first made famous in the 1980s, but seems to waver between being flattered at the younger star and being disgruntled that she's apparently having more current success. For Gaga's part she's been relatively cryptic about how she feels about it too, saying that she admires Madonna and then dismissing the 53 year-old's claims of plagiarism at others. Confusing.
Things took another turn for the baffling after Madonna covered Gaga's 'Born This Way' during a clip posted on YouTube recently, according to Access Hollywood. Sounds pretty lovely ey? Well, think again; Madge called this song "reductive" earlier this year, remember, and the footage shows the star rehearsing 'Express Yourself' before dropping in an interlude of Gaga's song. From there she went into one of her own songs, 'She's Not Me' from 2008's 'Hard Candy,' in which she calls out a woman for "stealing, stealing, stealing" her look and style.
We'd have to say that it looks like the Queen of Pop still can't let it lie; the question now is whether Gaga will respond. It's moments like this that you wish for the return - and real-life adaptation - of MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch.