Madonna has turned her back on acting to focus on producing movies, after her onscreen efforts were axed from husband Guy Ritchie's latest movie.

The 46-year-old pop superstar's scenes in new film Revolver have reportedly been cut, but the disappointment hasn't deterred Madonna from pursuing her big screen ambitions.

She's now hoping a feature-length documentary - based on her 2004 RE-INVENTION world tour - will bolster her status in the movie industry, especially if it's included in the line-up of films to premiere at this May's (05) prestigious CANNES FILM FESTIVAL in France.

Madonna's also eager to appear at Cannes so she can chat to directors about some of her film ideas.

A source tells British newspaper THE MAIL ON SUNDAY, "Madonna has learned the hard way from Revolver that the only way to have a say is to become a producer.

"It's been her dream to premiere in Cannes, but she cannot afford to make another mistake so she's working with Swedish director Jonas Akerlund, who directed Mickey Rourke and Brittany Murphy in SPUN.

"She also plans a light, fluffy teenage movie called MATERIAL GIRLS about a pair of cosmetic company heiresses who lose their family fortune."

10/04/2005 14:24