Madonna "can't live down" the nickname Material Girl.

The 53-year-old singer insists the moniker - which came after she released a single of the same name in 1985 - should be "ironic", but she jokes it has left people thinking she is "superficial".

In an ironic video, she joked: "When I started off and people called me the Material Girl it was meant to be ironic. Not to be meant to be taken seriously.

"I'm not sure people understand irony in this day and age. I can't live that name down now.

"People think I am a superficial person. And I am not. I love horses. I love flowers. I don't love hydrangeas. I love nature. Trees. Animals. I don't love all animals."

During the clip, the 'Hung Up' hitmaker jokingly accuses her 15-year-old daughter Lourdes as being "looksist" and an "ageist" as they discuss a modelling competition they are holding.

The pair are searching for the next 'Lucky Stars' to be featured in their forthcoming Material Girl clothing line advertising campaign.

A celebrity-driven panel, which will be led by Kelly Osbourne, is set to judge the wannabes.

Since establishing Material Girl last year, Madonna and Lourdes have expanded the label - which has seen Kelly and former 'Gossip Girl' star Taylor Momsen front previous advertising campaigns - and is now set to include a range of nail polish, lipgloss, body sprays and lotions.