Superstar Madonna has blasted London Mayor KEN LIVINGSTON for his plans to extend the vehicle congestion charge into her local area.

Drivers currently pay GBP8 ($14) a day to drive into central London, and from February 2007, the zone will extend west - covering Madonna and husband Guy Ritchie's residence in the British capital.

Backstage at the Brit Awards following her win for International Female Solo Artist, a tipsy Madonna said, "I won an award and I'm a bit drunk on champagne.

"I'm p**sed off about the congestion charge. It's ridiculous. I live there and I gotta pay."

Madonna admits she is repeatedly fined for driving in the congestion charges, because she refuses to give her address and phone details when attempting to pay.

She fumes, "I can't pay cos they want my phone number. Why would I give my phone number? I may get a pay-as-you-go phone so they can't know where I live, especially for that purpose"