Superstar Madonna's blistering arguments with director husband Guy Ritchie will be shown in a documentary on the famous couple next year (05).

The MATERIAL GIRL enlisted pal Jonas Akerlund to film their day-to-day life in Madonna's adopted home of Britain with their son ROCCO and the singer's daughter LOURDES.

The film will reportedly include footage of the couple's bizarre fight tactics - when they spell out profanities in order to protect their children from hearing foul language.

A friend tells British newspaper The Sun, "There is some really revealing stuff in the film. It shows lovely moments like Rocco's birthday party around the house.

"But Madonna is determined for it to be a warts-and-all so there's some pretty full-on footage as well.

"There's one argument between Guy and Madonna that is really full-on, quite disturbing really. The film shows how they spell out swear words at each other to keep bad language form the kids. That way they don't have to keep putting money in their swear box."

05/11/2004 09:20