Madonna and her brother Christopher Ciccone have repaired their fractured relationship after four years of bickering.

The siblings fell out with each other in 2008 following the publication of Ciccone's memoir, Life With My Sister Madonna, in which he accused the pop star of cheating on her then-husband Guy Ritchie with baseball star Alex Rodriguez, but it appears brother and sister have since put their differences aside.

The interior decorator tells In Touch magazine, "(The book) was just my desire to tear away from that and find my own way and get people to understand my involvement in that world and what it was about.

"It's taken us a while to get back to brother and sister and to a good place, but we're there now... She's been on the road, so we email each other. I actually went to see her recent show in L.A. It was great. I can't imagine that she's still working that hard. It's amazing."