Madonna reportedly had a ''strictly secret'' romance with Drake in 2015.

The 58-year-old pop megastar made headlines two years ago when she locked lips with the 30-year-old rapper on stage at US music festival Coachella, and sources now say the pair were engaged in a ''brief fling'' prior to their public smooch which neither party ''ever plan'' to discuss.

A source told The Sun newspaper: ''Everyone in Madonna's circle was totally aware there was a brief fling between Madonna and Drake in 2015.

''They knew it wasn't going to last forever obviously but both of them were single at the time.

''There was definitely a massive attraction between them.

''Drake has a track record with older women too so Madonna is absolutely his type.

''They had fun together but kept it strictly secret. Neither of them ever plan to discuss it.''

But news of the reported romance between the pair - who share a 28-year age gap - might not come as a surprise to fans of the 'Rebel Heart' hitmaker, as she recently admitted people feel ''uncomfortable'' that she has ''lovers'' who are ''three decades younger'' than her.

The 'Like A Virgin' singer - who most recently dated 26-year-old model Aboubakar Soumahoro - said previously: ''I've obviously been devastated or heartbroken all my life, since my mother's death. I've had so many challenges throughout my career, however successful people perceive me to be. I have lovers who are three decades younger than me. This makes people very uncomfortable. I feel like everything I do makes people feel really uncomfortable.''