LATEST: An African baby girl at the centre of an alleged adoption dispute involving Madonna has settled into her new home with an Australian couple. JOHN and ANGELA WILMOT made world headlines last week (ends26NOV06) after it was reported that the pop star and her husband Guy Ritchie wanted to adopt the same little girl they had hoped to add to their family. The Australian missionaries collected baby JESSICA from the Kondanani orphanage in Malawi on Saturday (25NOV06). According to Australia's Sunday Telegraph, the couple won permission on Friday (24NOV06) to foster Jessica, pending a full adoption. John says, "She's with us now, and that's where she's staying. We're her foster parents... we're just waiting for the adoption paperwork to go through." The couple say they were saddened their first days at home with their new baby had been overshadowed by the media storm created by false reports of Madonna's involvement. John adds, "Madonna did visit the orphanage where Jessica was, but there was no 'tug-of-love'. She never had any intention of adopting her." Media reports last week (ends26NOV06) claimed Madonna was keen to adopt Jessica after also adopting 13-month-old DAVID BANDA from Malawi in September (06).