LATEST: Pop superstar Madonna's adoption of a Malawian baby has come under renewed attack - this time from Hollywood star Liam Neeson. The actor and United Nations Children's Fund (Unicef) ambassador admits he has "a lot of issues" with the process, and backed down from his own dreams of an African adoption with wife Natasha Richardson because he couldn't stifle his concerns. He says, "I have a couple of views. I'm always arguing with my wife about it. "It was something I considered when I was there (in Africa) but... I think about it from time to time, but to be honest with you, I have a lot of issues with it. With taking a child away from its parents if they were alive, its culture, its country. "I'm slightly worried about the exotic content of it too. It's like, I dunno, it's a delicate issue." Madonna and husband Guy Ritchie were granted interim adoption of DAVID BANDA last year (06), even though his biological father is still alive and living in Malawi.