A breach of contract lawsuit against Madonna and her film director husband Guy Ritchie could be thrown out of court - because an opposing lawyer missed a hearing.

The lawsuit alleges that Madonna and Ritchie broke a contract involving their film flop SWEPT AWAY when they didn't compensate the person who claims he brought them the idea.

Superior Court Judge SOUSSAN G BRUGUERA didn't indicate on Wednesday (14MAY03) when she would rule on the possible dismissal.

The judge also considered a request that attorney MORRIS GETZELS pay more than $1,000 (GBP650,000) to compensate opposing lawyers for the cost of appearing at a hearing on 1 April (03) that he failed to attend.

Getzels represents Vincent D'Onofrio (not the actor) who filed the lawsuit in October (02). The lawsuit alleges that D'Onofrio brought Madonna and Ritchie the idea of remaking LINA WERTMULLER's 1974 film about a rich woman and a sailor who are stranded together on an island.

The lawsuit claims he was denied credit and compensation.

18/05/2003 21:04