Madonna has banned Jewish photographers from covering her pilgrimage to Israel, because it would break laws forbidding Jews from working during religious holidays.

Organisers of the three-day spiritual journey, during which Madonna and 2,000 members of THE KABBALAH CENTRE will visit a number of holy sites to celebrate the Jewish New Year, have also requested journalists joining them to dress in white.

Jewish reporters may attend the ceremony but they will not be allowed to write inside the synagogue set up inside Madonna's Tel Aviv hotel.

Spokesman LIOR HOREV says, "The Kabbalah Centre does not want (Jewish photographers) to do anything which will break the religious rules over the holidays."

He adds of the strict dress code, "All Kabbalah Centre members would be wearing white for traditional religious reasons."

Madonna has been a keen follower of the Kabbalah - a mystical offshoot of Judaism - since 1997 and is a member of the Los Angeles-based Kabbalah Centre.

15/09/2004 21:41