The Material Girl hitmaker told U.S. shock jock Howard Stern earlier this month (Mar15) that her hometown of Rochester Hills is a place for "basic, provincial-thinking people", adding that she felt like a "country bumpkin" in a high school that was dominated by "rich people".

She later echoed a similar sentiment to Us Weekly, saying, "I miss absolutely nothing about growing up in Michigan. Nothing at all."

Kramer, who was born and raised in Detroit and attended the same high school as Madonna, is now standing up for her home state.

The Follow Your Arrow singer took to to post a snap of Madonna's quote in Us Weekly, adding the caption, "I rarely ever say anything negative but I take a lot of pride in my home state. I grew up such a fan of Madonna and I always thought it was cool we went to the same high school. She said awful things about my high school and now reading @usweekly she says this.

"She has a right to her opinion obviously but I would like to just state... my best memories of childhood and my life thus far was growing up in Michigan. I am so proud of my state and where I will forever call home in my heart. Every time I'm stressed I picture myself on the lake Upnorth Michigan. That is my happy place and I guess I'm just protective of where I come from... so I guess all I have to say is... Michigan, I love you and will never forget the state that raised me. ‪#‎MichiganPride‬."

Kramer's remarks follow a declaration from Rochester Hills Mayor Bryan Barnett, who penned an open letter defending the city against the pop star's claims, and invited her back to see how much the town has changed since she left 40 years ago.