Pop superstar Madonna refused to allow her injuries sustained in a recent horse fall prevent her from filming a British TV advertisement in Surrey, England, yesterday (31AUG05).

The MATERIAL GIRL has signed up to star in one of a series of high-profile commercials for mobile telephone manufacturer Motorola.

The singer fell off her horse on her 47th birthday last month (16AUG05), but was still able to shoot the TV ad.

An insider says, "She was wearing a tight-fitting black suit. Her arm was still in a sling and she is having to take painkillers but she looked well considering.

"The advert is to promote Motorola's phone with an in-built iPod, which is coming out soon.

"Lots of celebrities are squeezed into a phone box in the ad, although they all film their parts separately.

"There's talk of THE White Stripes, The Bravery and Alanis Morissette taking part and people dressed as (LUDWIG VAN) Beethoven and Jimi Hendrix.

"It will do Madonna's image no harm."