Madonna's director husband Guy Ritchie is making a film about the Jewish-based faith Kabbalah - based on his wife's religious mentor RABBI YEHUDA BERG's book THE POWER OF KABBALAH.

The 35-year-old director, who is more at home making violent gangster movies like 2000 hit SNATCH, has already written a foreword to Berg's book in which he gushes, "this book should come with a warning: Danger Of Enlightenment."

Kabbalah has captured the attention of many a high-profile celebrities including Hollywood actress Demi Moore, living legend Elizabeth Taylor and pop superstar Britney Spears.

Rabbi Berg says, "We're always there for Madonna, we have given her a support system.

"She can get in touch with me any time, or we can send her to a study group, but you don't have to be Madonna to get this type of attention, anyone can contact me."

31/03/2004 17:02