The 41-year-old British director - whose 2002 movie 'Swept Away' starring his ex-wife Madonna, 51, flopped at the cinema and went straight to DVD in the UK - said he wasn't upset by the critics, because you have to do some things wrong in order to know what works.

He said: "'Swept Away' was always going to have a limited audience. The idea was that it was going to be a small film... but you can't do small films with the ex."

The romantic comedy was a disaster at the box office, just like his 2005 film 'Revolver' which starred Jason Stratham, but Guy said he doesn't take too much criticism on board, and in fact, 'Revolver' was still his favourite movie.

He said: "I think on reflection it always will be. Celebrity culture can only be capricious and ephemeral, sometimes you are in synch with what everybody wants, sometimes you are not."

Speaking to The Sunday Times newspaper, Guy said one of the best things about making his newest film, 'Sherlock Holmes' - starring Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr. - was the huge £80 million budget he was given.

He said: "It was good having deep pockets, I never had deep pockets before."